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[2005-08-15] Zotob.A Only Affecting Windows 2000
Microsoft has announced that the recently discovered Zotob.A worm can only affect an unpatched Windows 2000 system.

[2005-08-09] Microsoft Serves Up Three Critical Patches
Patch Tuesday brings forth a sextet of security bulletins from our friends in Redmond, and users will want to get them in place quickly.

[2005-08-08] Microsoft Preps Sextet For Patch Tuesday
At least one of the six Windows updates to be released for August will be rated Critical, the highest Maximum Security rating.

[2005-08-05] Windows Vista Shelled By First Virus
An Austrian hacker has written the first Windows Vista virus, taking advantage of the new command shell in the platform.

[2005-08-03] Cisco Web Site Attacked And Cracked
A report on today claims the Cisco web site was compromised, requiring users to change their passwords.

[2005-08-02] ATMs: Active Theft Mechanisms
A recent Gartner study claims ATM and debit card fraud cost $2.75 billion in losses last year.

[2005-08-02] Microsoft Investigating High-Risk IE Flaw
The Redmond-based software company acknowledged it is looking into a potential security issue reported by security firm eEye.