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[2005-05-31] Homeland Insecurity
The General Accounting Office says the Department of Homeland Security has not completed its 13 assigned cybersecurity tasks.

[2005-05-30] Oh Cecilia: You’re Breakin’ Yahoo’s Heart
One Ms. Cecilia Barnes, 48, levied a lawsuit against Internet giant Yahoo. She charges they let nude photos of her taken by an ex boyfriend linger too long in their files. The gentlemen in question perpetrated fraud by creating a false account using her information and posting photos of her in the buff that he took when they were together.

[2005-05-25] FTC Looking For “SPAM”icide Against Zombies
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) got a little help from its friends in attempts to fight the proliferation of spam. The Operation Spam Zombie program plans to wipe the undead … er un-Internet menace out of the computing world. Much like an epidemic disease, spam mail runs rampant through computers all over the world and cuts down on the efficiency of the Internet by leaps and bounds.

[2005-05-24] Bank Staffers Loot Thousands Of Records
Bank of America, Wachovia, PNC Financial, and Commerce Bankcorp were all victimized by thefts.

[2005-05-13] Light Sweet Crude Makes Nice Sweet Drop
Light sweet crude dropped briefly below the $48 mark to 47.95 before heading back up $48.20 this morning. Brent North Sea crude is up 12 cents in London to $48.40 a barrel and gasoline futures down slightly at just over a penny a gallon.

[2005-05-10] Cisco Assault Last Year Just Tip Of An Iceberg
Thousands of machines were penetrated just like those on Cisco's network, investigators are finding out a year later.

[2005-05-09] Mozilla’s FireFox Full of Lead: Secunia Says Holes Exist
Internet security firm Secunia found holes in internet browser Firefox from the Mozilla company. The problems present two of the first big security problems for the browser that continues to grow in popularity.

[2005-05-06] Federal Court Ditches Flag Order
The Court of Appeals in Washington D.C. stomped the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) today in a ruling saying the overstepped its authority in ordering electronics manufacturers from putting a "broadcast flag" device in television sets and other video recording devices.

[2005-05-04] OASIS Plans Open Standards Day In Amsterdam
The open standards consortium OASIS plans a one-day conference on May 24th in Amsterdam. The OASIS Open Standards Day will be held in conjunction with the IDEAlliance XTech 2005 Conference & Exhibition (formerly XML Europe).

[2005-05-03] ASA 5500 From Cisco Systems At Interop Helps Security
Networking juggernaut Cisco Systems Inc. will unveil their newest offering in the world of networking technology during Cisco CEO John Chambers' keynote address at Interop this morning. The ASA 5500 combines many new features in a sleek new device for organizations that like to one stop shop.

[2005-05-02] Businesses Must Improve Computer Security
Lengthy string of highly publicized breaches could lead to the federal government passing a law requiring better security.