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[2004-08-09] Microsoft Unveils Windows XP Service Pack 2, Finally
On Friday, Microsoft's second service pack for Windows XP was finally released to manufactures.

[2004-08-04] New MyDoom Variant Pulls Addresses From Yahoo
A new MyDoom worm variant, called MyDoom.p, is using a copy-cat approach to acquiring peoples email addresses from Yahoo.

[2004-08-04] Start of Presidential Campaign Season Spawns New Online Fraud
Surfcontrol Warns Voters Against "Political Phishing" Scam that Seeks to Defraud Contributors to John Kerry

[2004-08-03] Mozilla Security Bug Bounty Program Announced
The Mozilla Foundation today announced the Mozilla Security Bug Bounty Program, an initiative that rewards users who identify and report security vulnerabilities in the open source project's software.

[2004-08-03] Microsoft cumulative security update announced
On Friday Microsoft announced a cumulative security update for Microsoft Internet Explorer impacting both consumer and enterprise users.