PornHub Offers $25,000 Hacking Bounty To Test Security

May 27, 2016

Popular video porn site PornHub is offering a minimum of $50 and up to a $25,000 bounty for major discoveries to test the security of its site. PornHub via security site stated:

"Security is a top priority at Pornhub. We strive to work with skilled security researchers to improve the security of our service. If you believe you've found a security bug in the services listed in our scope, we will be happy to work with you to resolve the issue promptly and ensure you are fairly rewarded for your discovery. You will qualify for a reward only if you are the first person to responsibly disclose an unknown issue. The PornHub security team has 30 days to respond to the report, and up to 90 days to implement a fix base on the severity of the report."

"Rewards are granted entirely at the discretion of Pornhub. To qualify for a reward under this program, you should:

- Be the first to report a vulnerability.
- Send a clear textual description of the report along with steps to reproduce the vulnerability.
- Include attachments such as screenshots or proof of concept code as necessary.
- Disclose the vulnerability report directly and exclusively to us.

PornHub has listed quite a few bounties that it has already distributed of which most consist of smaller awards.
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